Is there a difference (in culture, language, religion) between bengali in india, and bengalis in bangladesh?

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Question asked by Tia: Is there a difference (in culture, language, religion) between bengali in india, and bengalis in bangladesh?
furthermore. if they are born in bangladesh are they classified as indian or bengali?

i don’t want to offend anyone by calling them indian…when they really aren’t

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Answer by Vanessa83
There is no difference in religion, but there are crucial differences between the spoken and written forms of the language between Bangladeshi Bengali (with intra-country variations) and Bengali spoken in West Bengal.

Usually one would say they are Bangladeshi Bengali or Indian Bengali.

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A bengali born in Bangladesh is Bangladeshi Bengali while a bengali born in West Bengal in India is Indian Bengali. Bangladeshi are 85% Muslim while Bengalis in west bengal are mostly Hindus. Culture is mostly similar. The accent between Bangladeshi and West Bengalis are different although the language Bengali is same. Bangladesh is an independent country while West bengal is a state in India.

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There are a few finer differences in culture, language and religion between Bengali people living in Bangladesh and Bengali people living in India, West Bengal in particular.

Kolkata, capital of West Bengal of India was the cultural centre of undivided Bengal till 1905 when British divided the Bengal among West Bengal and East Bengal (now Bangladesh). The language spoken by the Indian Bengali (who happens to be mostly follower of Hinduism) people are more by the book and very charming to hear. On the other hand, the Bengali spoken by our kind in Bangladesh has a lot of provincial/district slang, tone, and sometimes impossible for Bengali from other districts to understand.

Therefore, I would say that the language (Bangla) spoken in India is much better and pleasant to hear as well as uniform all over their districts with very slight slant towards their own districts.

The earliest inhabitants of Bangladesh were Austro-Asiatic (shortly Austric) people. Later, the Dravidians from Western India joined them. Gradually people of other races like Negroid, Caucasoid and Mongoloid migrated to this area one after another, who settled here permanently and lived together with its earlier inhabitants. In course of time mixed-marriages occurred among them, which resulted in the creation of a new race known as Bangalee. The language also took a new form which is called Bangla (Bengali). This Bangla (Bengali) is now the national as well as state language of Bangladesh.

Religion: Of the about 150 Million people of Bangladesh 88.3% are Muslims, 10.5% Hindus, 0.6% Buddhists and 0.3% Christians. On the other hand the religious divide in West Bengal may be similar in percentage, but majority are Hindus.

Bangla is the mother tongue of entire people of Bangladesh except the tribals, who are very few in numbers and live mostly in the border areas. They speak their own languages like Chakma, Marma, Manipuri, Garo, Hajong etc. They also speak Bangla in the society with the non-tribals. The educated people of the country can also speak English, Hindi, Urdu, Arabic etc. as and when necessary.

A person is born in Bangladesh to Bengali parents are called Bangladeshi. Similarly, a person born in India out of Indian parents is known as Indians.

Hope above would help.

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Bangladesh is created from Bengal ( state of India which has its own distinct culture ). So, Bangladesh doesnt have its own separate culture but derives it from the Indian Bengali Culture. As an example.. the Indian bengali language which is in a very pure and ancient form is hard to learn and speak, hence Bangladeshis made it simple by using everyday words/slangs etc.. This doesnt mean they have their own culture.

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